Monday, June 13, 2011

Long awaited things

Firstly: This shirt
Secondly: The blog about receiving it

Lovely T-shirt loveliness is mine ^_^
I ordered it from Fueled By Ramen a while back, because they had marked them down to $5, which, with the exchange rate and shipping costs, turned out to be about as much as I would pay for a band T-shirt here. Which isn't exactly the cheapest, but how often do I get to buy a shirt of an overseas band that I really dig? Very seldom (read: never). This was, in fact, my first online order I'd ever made. I was a bit worried about its arrival. But it did indeed arrive and now happiness is mine :)

The band that makes such lovely things, is This Providence, who do indeed look a little bit silly with their hair and funny clothes (which I love, of course), but they make pretty rad music. Their self-titled album is my favourite of theirs, and my favourite track is Walking on Water. It was apparently used in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which I now have to see. It's also my theme song: life is often stormy and those waves are pretty hectic, but with my God I'll turn it into a playground :)


  1. Rad shirt!! :D And congrats on your first online order ^_^ xx

  2. Yayness-ness and other stuff I have said in person about radness of shirt vibes!! XP hehe.

    Also we HAVE to make a night of TMNT!!! You, me Theo?? Yes? Yes.

    Ok bye <3