Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The conversion is complete!

I wrote this post three times, and each time was just too philosophical for something so superficial, too wordy about something that I just wanted to write a quick blog about. So here goes take three, maybe I'll finish it this time :) A brief description of me and my life:

Before I knew anything about anything, I tried to be something but didn't quite get it right.

I then went to university and met Shark and Tea who transformed me into this:

Through Shark I discovered hardcore music. Tea slowly got me used to the sound of metal (by never playing any other music, and I spent a lot of time with her), and she also put the dreadlocks into my hair.
They dragged me (kicking and screaming) to a Dead Will Tell gig, which is where it all began (a story we've never told, but we have told part 2).
(And I didn't actually kick and scream. I should have. In the mosh pit. Grin :D )

Now, one thing everyone knows is that to be a true hardcore/alternative kid you need to have a pair of skinnies, and not just any skinnies, but the trusty pair of black jay-jays skinnies that will last you through everything. The pair that Shark owns that I wish I could steal except I'm never the same size as anyone I'm friends with. These skinnies:
It's all about the clothes, of course, and you can't be alternative unless you follow the alternative crowd (duh).


Look at me, I'm so hardcore.