Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Digging it.

I completely forgot about my resolution to find something positive in every day. Mostly because it hasn't been hard.

Wait. Lies. I've had my bad days. I've had emotional/irritable/bleh days where I've had to kick myself in the head (meaning mentally) to get myself to see the positive side to things. To not lash out at the nearest person for something as silly as losing at a computer game.

But things in general are looking brighter. For one, I have a new digsmate (the old one was lovely, but she wasn't too stoked with the house and it's a long story, but she found a rad rad place to stay with another rad rad person, so all is well) -- I have a new digsmate whose hair at least is definitely a lot brighter than most.  She also wears a variety of clothing colours (yellow skinny jeans anyone?). And she has a boyfriend with similar taste (yellow skinny jeans any.. oh I said that already).

Stolen from Facebook because I am somewhat lame when it comes to taking original photo's...
This is me pulling Teh Coolest Face-Express Evar. And there is Awesome Digsmate of New. We happen to be on the beach (this is somewhat of an achievement for me).

Life is interesting. The bathroom is stained with splashes of pink and blue hair-dye. PLUS I've been introduced to new rad music, which is always a good thing. And she functions on Normal Student Hours which are far from normal at all, so when I get home at 11/12pm she's often still awake, and we talk till all hours about life and everything.