Friday, June 25, 2010

We are all meant to be doing lots of things

(you might want to read this after reading this, to get the background information :)
And so it begins... We had done this before, we knew the roads and had heard the sound track. The only thing between us and an epic weekend was common sense, and we were fast getting rid of that with some brilliant illogical arguments.
Doors opened at 8, and Kill the Messenger + The Dead Will Tell would only be on at a much later stage, but we are students, and the cheap price was at 8, so we planned to go at 8. However, this was a saturday, and none of us could wait the whole day for it. We left Grahamstown at around 4pm. Malls are great places for killing time, even if all the shops are closed...
The gig was great, butofcourse.
Kill the Messenger were Awesome.
And so were The Dead Will Tell.

A fun time had by all :D

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